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Automobile Air Conditioning Repair

Recharging Air Conditioning

A car's ac works just like the refrigerator in your kitchen. The parts of the system are:

  • Compressor which is the pump which moves the refrigerant around the system
  • Refrigerant which cools the air
  • Condenser changes the refrigerant from a gas to a liquid
  • Expansion Value
  • The Evaporator cools your car
  • The receiver/drier which filters the refrigerant

Two major issues with Car's AC are that they need to be recharged or they have a leak. Other problems can be that one of the above components is broken or a belt or fan is no longer working. We have repaired hundreds of A/C units and are very efficient at finding leaks and pin pointing the problem.

Be extremely cautious about purchasing AC Converter kits for changing the refrigerant from an R-12 system to a R134-a system. These kits are sometimes nicknamed "Black Death Kits" because they will burn up your compressor.

We comply with all state and federal laws regarding A/C refrigerants. Call today, 401-782-0350, to have us repair your automotive air conditioning unit.

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